About Carlton Reed

 For more than 20 years Carlton Reed has been in the field of training and personal development. An award-winning trainer, coach, consultant, and conference speaker, he serves individuals and organizations with an emphasis on leadership and elevating performance.  Having overcome early challenges with stuttering and self-confidence, his passion is to inspire individuals and organizations to win and be most effective through aligning with and living out what he calls their “Creed”: their unique design, identities, and core strengths. His clients served include Regent University, Verizon, the United States Marine Corps, and Accenture.  Carlton has served in various facets of ministry including Associate Pastor, Men’s Fellowship Leader, and Church Administrator. He is president of Creed Corps Coaching and

Consulting and Carlton Reed Seminars and author of the book Weapons of Mass Production: 21 Day’s to Uncommon Productivity with God. Carlton resides Fredericksburg, Virginia with his wife, Joyce. They have two sons, Christian and Paul.