Creed Corps Mission

I help Kingdom individuals and organizations win and thrive by aligning with their creeds and core values, shattering limiting beliefs, and engaging in transformative strategies which bring impact.

Experience Alignment For Your Assignment

Have you been experiencing life by design, or by default? When we live our lives by design, we empower ourselves to win. When we live our lives by default, we empower other people and circumstances to control our destiny. You were born for more than that.  Come experience the freedom, fulfillment, exhilaration, and power of unpacking the epic life God designed you to live.

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Greg Vesley, Sales Leader

“Having worked with Carlton Reed as my life coach for the past three years has been an invaluable journey. Carlton’s expertise extends beyond the realms of personal growth; he seamlessly integrates strategic thinking and motivational leadership into every session. His ability to identify and dismantle limiting mindsets has been instrumental in both my personal and business endeavors. Carlton’s approach is not just about temporary fixes; it’s about instilling long-lasting structures that promote continuous growth and development. I wholeheartedly recommend Carlton Reid to anyone seeking a transformational coaching experience that transcends boundaries and unlocks limitless potential.”  ~ Greg Vesely

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Epic life coaching can help you to release anxiety, have personal breakthroughs, build confidence and most importantly understand your God given identity.

Business coaching is performance coaching, maximizing productivity and instilling new behaviors to bring higher levels of overall results in every encounter.

Leadership coaching can help your business to make more money, improve internal processes and solve simple to complex problems at every level, while motiving your staff.